Tyner Roycroft

A Late Start to The Day.

Walks in Meyer's Park

The sun rose before Jay did, and he ached. His body ached, and moreso his mind. His head ran circles around him and his heart fluttered to find her in his bed, soundly sleeping. Of couse, it was not unusual to find Lucy there, but it was still jarring. He hadn't completely adjusted himself to their living arangement, and so the mix of confusion and joy he felt each morning was unrequested but pleasant.

He sat up, seeking to tear himself from sleep's embrace, only to find its tendrils holding faster than he'd imagined they would. His eyes were open, but they fought harder than usual to not be. His arms -- which were busy propping him up -- felt weak. He felt similarly foggy, and his head still stirred from the nights unpleasant dreams. Giving in, he laid back down and exchanged reality for another unpleasant dream.

Time passed and he startled himself awake. He'd felt that something was off and looked over -- as he did every morning -- only to find that his lover had left the bed before he did.

"She's begun without me again." He supposed correctly, and aloud -- although no one was around to hear it.

Meeting up with Lucy was not difficult. The route they took in the morning was fairly consistent, and wound its way through the city and its many parks. One such park was her favorite, and so each day -- although the route varied slightly -- they found themselves coming through this park toward the beginning and end of each run. It was here in Meyer's park that he waited, and not for long.

Stretching by a park bench to pass the time, Jay spotted Lucy cresting a small hill at the edge of the grassy area. She wore a fitted running top and capri tights, thick enough to keep from the fall's cold, but still cut above the ankle so as not to be too warm -- or impede her mobility. The top was baby blue in color, and while there were many women who jogged or ran through the city in the morning, that shade of blue was her favorite, and made her unmistakable even from afar.

She noticed him soon after and started in his direction, locking eyes with him when she was too far to call out and be heard. Jay's heart skipped as it always did when she was around. And he let a part of himself feel pride for having timed their meeting perfectly.

Jay wore a similar shade of blue in addition to the white shorts he kept over his own black running tights, longer than hers as he'd never been bothered by the tight fabric over his ankles.

"At least -- you showed up for -- the second half -- sleepy-head!" Lucy called out between deep breaths, hands on knees. Once her lungs had made peace with the pace of her run, she straightened her posture and smirked with smiling eyes, emphasizing her playful words.

Jay laughed.

"I wouldn't miss it for anything." The truth felt good leaving his mouth, especially after his white lie on their run a few days prior.