The Road from Home

Episode Three

Drip. Hot sweat beads from his brow. It falls slowly. The man stands behind him, feet separated, knees bent, hand grasping at the gun on his holster.

‘Turn’ The man says to him.

‘Haven’t got much of a choice, have I?’ He mutters, and complies reluctantly.

Turning slowly, he now locks eyes with the man who stands before him. His face tightens, his jaw drops, his eyes widen. His father opens his mouth as if to speak but finds that he is interrupted by his son’s embrace.

Unable to quite stifle the words that were just so ready to come out of his mouth, ‘A road from home is long, but a road back home is ever so short’ says Father.

He hears his fathers words, muffled as they were, and their echoes in his mind become drowned-out by his own sobs.