In the Beginning

The Beginning of the Beginning.

In the beginning, there existed a solitary universe -- a universe that was devoid of life, devoid of intention, and equally devoid of thought -- and yet it breathed. This breathing -- however labored -- constituted the life-force of the universe.

In nearly the same way a rip-tide pulls against a sandy beach, the life of the universe pulled against all of that which was within its reach. Trillions of minute particles of various elements that had been strewn about the universe slowly succumbed to the gravity of each and every other particle. These bits of matter -- irrelevant when separate -- gathered together in nearly the way a game of marbles might go if played on a thin, circular piece of spandex -- one strong force might be enough to bring the marbles out of the center and back into the game.

That is: the combined forces of these particles of matter -- however minute by themselves -- combined into a force which was -- at least for a moment -- much, much stronger than the force of inspiration that had collected them in the center of this vast chasm of space. Consistently, these congregations became powerful enough to free their constituents from the grasps of this point in space.

The universe continued on in a largely consistent pattern of inhalation and exhalation for quite a while. Drawing matter inward only to bring it in so tightly that it has nowhere to go but to burst outward. This matter spreading back out, bringing with it other matter, shooting effortlessly through the otherwise empty reaches of space. Such a process as this continued on for a time.

Eventually, the tide of the matter -- the very breath of the universe -- became a deep inhalation. Large groups of particles had become so few and far between, that they could no longer hold back the inspiration of the universe.

The End of the Beginning.

Thus began the final breath. A slow, constant pulling. A force that pulled inward, and inward further still, until all of the universe’s matter pulled together -- at once. Perhaps it can be guessed what happened next. An event that was so forceful it contained all of the matter in the universe pushed beyond its limits, thrown as pure energy -- scattered across space. This is the birth of the universe.

The True Beginning.

It can be easily said that a universe with definable origins serves only to negate the presence of a higher power. I see this argument as one made in folly. Just as the ebb and flow of the tide track the moon, the ebb and flow of the universe track a greater power. A force of consciousness intertwined into its construction. The event described was enough to tear away at the fabric of space and to introduce time, and a consciousness. The fabric of space -- the very thing that separates nothing from something -- is a plane which separated the realm of man from the realm of god.